About Brookman Boilers & Piping

Brookman Boilers & piping was established May 2 2016, by James and Jo-anne Brookman and is a small family company doing boiler work, custom house renovations, Industrial and commercial plumbing and heating including maintenance and new installations.

James is a journeyman plumber, steam fitter, b gas fitter, AWWA certified for cross connection, QC accredited with the OFC for boiler and piping work, licensed plumbing contractor with the city of Winnipeg. He has more than 32 years of experience in the plumbing industry, starting with learning from his father and brother who were also in the industry, starting with attending Red River community college for gas in 1992, finishing his plumbing red seal in 1993 and receiving pipe fitter/steam fitter journeyman accreditation 2000.

Before starting his own company he was in charge of several large projects at his previous companies, including having the opportunity to travel overseas and work in the Canadian embassy in the Ukraine and being the general foreman for the 2005 Maple leaf foods expansion, and for the Bunge oil refinery addition in 2013-2015.